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If you pursuing your graduation at a college and you have to intern in any relevant domain, then why not to try our services. You would end up with practical learning, hands-on exposure on live projects and the internship letter.


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"I am honored to be interning in Data Science with MC Talent Hunt, a hub of transformative experiences. The internship offers invaluable insights, dynamic mentorship, and a pathway to professional growth, creating an inspiring environment for honing skills and securing a promising future."

Rohit Atre

G.H Raisoni, Jalgaon

"I'm glad to undertake an internship in Data Science field at MC Talent Hunt, where every day brings new opportunities for growth. The internship provides essential insights, proactive mentorship, and a clear path toward professional development, fostering an environment conducive to skill refinement and a promising future."

Chandani Nimje

G.H Raisoni, Jalgaon

"I am pleased to commence an internship in the field of Data Science at MC Talent Hunt. Each team member is highly professional and cooperative. I never felt left out in the group as there is a team work. I highly recommend the internship programs of MC Talent Hunt to all who are looking to build their career in DS & AI branch.”

Girish Khairnar

G. H Raisoni, Jalgaon

"I am delighted to commence an internship within the realm of Data Science at MC Talent Hunt. Each day unfolds new prospects for personal and professional development. This internship delivers essential perspectives, proactive guidance, and a defined route to career advancement,  ensuring a promising future."

Dinesh Desale

G. H Raisoni, Jalgaon


Can third-year & second-year engineering students apply for the internship?

Absolutely! Our internship program is specifically tailored for pre-final year students.

Will I receive a certificate that can be included in my resume?

Definitely. Upon completion, you will receive an internship certificate from the company you interned with, which can be added to your resume. Furthermore, based on your performance, you will also receive a letter of recommendation.

Is there any training provided during the internship?

Yes, training is an integral part of the internship. You will be assigned a mentor based on your interests, who will conduct live classes. Concurrently, you will work on a project that allows you to apply your learning in a real-world context.

Does the internship offer any support in job placements?

Certainly. After completing the internship, select students will gain complimentary access to our flagship placement course. This offers an opportunity for placements with our partner companies.

Are there any prerequisites or specific skills required for this internship?

The internship mainly requires enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. However, any specific skills or prerequisites will depend on the department or field of the internship. These details will be provided in the internship description or during the selection process.

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We are providing internships combined with practical trainings.

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