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Changes In Work Life Post COVID-19

Changes in Work Life Post COVID-19

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Darwin’s theory of Evolution emphasizes on “Survival of the Fittest.” Time and again, circumstances in human history have substantiated this theory with enough evidence. Survival of the fittest refers to the mechanism of natural selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle of life. While our physical immunity will ensure that we stay alive, our mental fitness and ability to adapt to changes will determine whether we emerge from the prevailing COVID-19 crisis victorious or not. 

The pandemic that has uprooted millions of lives, pushed half a billion people into unemployment and many more into destitution, is yet to reach its peak in India. Work from home, remote working, virtual meetings, working in shifts, and social distancing are the new norms of the employment industry. Research shows that those sectors of the economy, such as the IT and the digital marketing industry, which are highly dependent on technology are one of the least hit sectors by the pandemic. 

That being said, it becomes evident that there will be a massive shift in employer’s preferences in the selection of employees. The skills that they required a few years ago are different from what the market requires now. Now, the recruiters will look for candidates who are tech-savvy, more dynamic and harbor a versatile skill-set. 

How to cope up with the Changes in the Work Life: 

  • Continuation of Remote Working: Now that the global economy is sabotaged, the companies will cut infrastructural cost by encouraging employees to continue remote working. Along with cost reduction, remote working will also ensure safety of the employees until all the prospective dangers of the widespread virus are eradicated. This workforce must take maximum advantage of flexible working hours by extending their forte into freelancing, and learning other tech-related skills. 
  • Increased Safety Measures at Workplace: The industries where work from home is not feasible will resume working with reduced workforce and heightened safety measures. Ensure that you wear face masks and gloves to work, keep sanitisers near you and maintain distance from others while on work. 
  • Tech-Savvy employees: Due to the increased digitisation of work, the workers who adapt to technologies easily will be preferred. Furthermore, there will be an increased demand for skills such as digital marketing, web development, graphic designing, content creation and animation because of the online mode of communication between customers and businesses.
  • Data: In May 2017, data surpassed oil as the most valuable asset around the globe. Because of the lockdown period, there has been a massive surge in data consumption, upto as high as 38%, further making data a priceless asset. Now, more than ever, companies will consult with Data Analysts and Data Scientists before making any decision. 

To conclude, it can be safely said that we all have to adjust to the “new normal.” The long-term impact of the crisis cannot be ascertained, only predicted. This is one of the most remarkable eras in human history that requires our evolution, not biological evolution, but an emotional, social and mental one. Since humans are social animals, this change for them is difficult to come to terms with, yet it is extremely significant for our survival. 

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