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Importance Of Networking

Importance Of Networking

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Networking can be defined as the process of making relations be it in your work life or personal life. Over the years it has become a must skill for those who want to excel in their careers. Making connections have been made ever easier with the social media revolution, now people don’t have to even meet in person in order to network which was previously not so possible.  

We all have things we are passionate about, as well as unique skills and hobbies, hence volunteering for such activities is an excellent method to meet new people and expand your network. There are always methods to connect with people in your professional group, and it could be a valuable resource for furthering your career. While looking for a new job is a wonderful reason to harness your career network and develop new relationships with individuals in your sector, networking has a plethora of other perks that can be valuable at any stage in your career. To have more opportunities to progress your career, you must build contacts and connections inside your network. Attending meetings and social events sponsored by your professional group is an excellent opportunity to meet others in your field.

It goes without saying that networking is crucial during the job search process. With the perfect employee referral, your chances of landing the job increase tenfold. And, if you’re looking to shift careers, your professional network can help you uncover connections in the industry you’re attempting to break into or leads for positions at certain firms. It’s a good idea to notify others in your network about potential requests for assistance. For example, if you are aware of an impending organisational rearrangement and have informed your contacts, they will be partly expecting a request for job-seeking assistance. This will help them prepare for a prompt answer to your request and will get them looking out for you ahead of time.

There are a lot of talented people out there. It is critical that you stand out from the crowd and make opportunities come to you rather than the other way around. Networking is one method for accomplishing this. Word spreads when you begin to establish relationships and foster dialogues about the value you can provide to an organisation. Before you know it, you’ve become the person who “knows everyone,” and people want to connect with you for a variety of reasons. The more people you meet, the more you will push yourself out of your comfort zone and gain vital social skills and self-confidence. These abilities will serve you well in your professional life.

Remember that many outstanding networkers honed their skills through practice, sometimes making a lot of mistakes and receiving a lot of rejections, but eventually attaining their goals and supporting others in accomplishing theirs. The trick is to implement what you’ve learned at work, in relationships, and everywhere else you can engage with others. When you are able to connect seamlessly, you will realise it is time to pass on this expertise to someone else in order to assist them in becoming brilliant networkers.

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