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Simplified IT And Best Placement- MC Talent Hunt

Simplified IT and Best Placement- MC Talent Hunt

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What is IT?

IT stands for Information Technology and by the way have you checked your friend’s message on WhatsApp and have your order already reached to you from your favorite e-commerce site? SURPRISED !!!, it was what is going on IT till now and why are we asking these questions to you? Try guessing…

Exactly you got it right the social media app, e-commerce site and your favorite video streaming platform (YouTube, Netflix etc.) all that you use in your daily life is in IT. We will not make you tired by telling you the formal definition of IT like it is the use of Computers to create, process, store, retrieve and exchange all kinds of electronic data and information; hence, you got cool apps and games.

Thinking? Can I also learn something like that? Read more…

Is it for you?

Yes, definitely!! If you also feel computers are your first love and want to build a career in IT, then go for it. Oh! What you have said you don’t have branded college support; still can I do it?

And the answer is a big YES!

We know that you have no prior coding experience or deep knowledge about the IT sector. We’ve covered that for you! You can rely upon us anytime for your end-to-end support on IT placements across India!!

You can choose coding/programming courses with us or if you feel coding is actually not your interest area, then you can jump into hardware networking programmes.

We offer all these courses in Online & Offline mode. You can choose whatever suits you the best! Of course, fees do vary in both ways.

Why choose us?

1.       You will get the best placement at your desired location.

2.       You will acquire high quality study-materials and knowledge transfer by the industrial experts.

3.       Flexible schedules for online & offline classes.

4.       100% student’s satisfaction with their placement at top-notch firms.

5.       Soft skill training will be provided which includes interview preparation, effective resume making, confident boost, & mock interview activities.

When can I start?

We are commencing with a new batch on 28th June and that is the right time you should enroll and give a head start to your career!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s patch up with us.

How to reach us?

You can always search us on Google and Check out our social media handles or call us at +9193503-64233/ 8881405604 or directly email us at

See you there, signing off!

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